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About Us

Sunrise Energy Solutions of Roseville, CA is the destination for clean, reliable, and affordable solar products. We've helped countless homeowners, businesses, and agricultural operations make the most of their financial resources while ensuring that they do good for the environment through state-of-the-art solar solutions.

Experienced Solar Energy Integrators 

Our team of professionals has installed several thousand solar power, pool heating, and hot water heating systems in an extensive variety of homes and businesses. During our time in business, we've also installed solar and combined-energy systems that possess generation capabilities of over 1-Megawatt for a variety of large-scale commercial entities such as Taylor Brothers Farms, the University of San Francisco, Tyco Healthcare Systems, and Martinez Orchards in Winters, CA.

Exceptional Service

No matter who the customer is, or what size the project might be, we're committed to providing you with the best possible products and the highest-quality installation. We are a customer-oriented, performance-driven organization whose sole mission is to provide you with the best long-term renewable energy solutions available.

What does this mean for you? Less money paid to the utility company, and more money in your pocket!

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